Tips for Making Space when Your Student Moves to College

At Remove It! Junk Removal, we know how bittersweet it is to watch your child drive away for the first time ready to move into new digs at college. As you contemplate an empty nest, you may be tempted to let your student’s room at home stand as a monument by just closing the door and allowing that old saxophone and those hip hop posters to gather dust. However, now is the perfect time to use that bedroom for a dual purpose, ensuring your student has a cozy place to come home to and that you have usable space in your home for something you love. Have you always wanted a craft room, home theater, study, or a home gym? Some space in your house is open, but you’ll need to be savvy to use the room for dual purposes. Here are some suggestions to save space and use your child’s room while he or she is out in the world adulting.

Make Space

If you’re like most empty-nesters, your young adult’s room is probably still brimming with stuff despite the fact that they just packed up and left for college. Some of it needs to go. Get in touch with a junk removal business in Atlanta and make plans to clear out unnecessary items. Nostalgic items, like band uniforms and baseball trophies, can be boxed and moved to basement storage, but other things, like books and old clothes should be removed to make space for the room’s new purpose.

Create Two-in-One Appeal

While part of the room will continue to serve as your student’s bedroom, another part of the room can now be used in other ways. Creating a dual purpose room can be done in two ways, using furniture or items that also serve a dual purpose or by creating a division in the space. For example, a savvy designer may create an office and guest room by choosing furniture that can be used for dual purposes. For example, a daybed doubles as seating space and as a bed. Still other designers may choose to wall off part of the room with screens to delineate between bedroom space and a home office.