The Do's and Dont's of Junk Disposal

At some point, people are forced to bite the bullet and do some major junk removal, getting rid of worn out household wares, old appliances, or bulky items. If you are a rental property manager, you’ll no doubt be forced to deal with property cleanouts.

The easiest way to handle discarded, bulky, or non-recyclable items, yard debris or home improvement construction waste is to contact an experienced junk remover in the Atlanta Metro area to safely haul off and dispose of your items that you can’t dispose of with your regular trash pickup.

Understanding the dos and don’ts of junk removal will allow you to divide the items you can dispose of yourself from those that require expert handling.


Household appliances offer conveniences that now seem impossible to live without. But appliances have a service life, and once they quit, it’s not easy to dispose of them to make room for a new model. An experienced junk removal specialist is familiar with laws concerning the disposal of your outdated or non-working appliance. Plus, no heavy lifting for you! Leave that part to the pros.

Televisions, Monitors, and Computers

·         The technology for televisions has advanced drastically over the last decade, and as the technology becomes more affordable, so does the demand for new models. Getting rid of an older TV isn’t so easy. If you can’t sell it or donate it, don’t just throw it in the trash. Why not organize other bulky items with your old TV and call a junk disposal company to haul it all away?

·         Many electronic devices like computers and monitors contain harmful properties. Monitors may contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other chemicals and can cause neuropsychological and respiratory issues if those chemicals are released into the air.

·          Don’t toss out your old computer, laptop, or fax machine with the weekly trash. Check into one of the computer recycling centers in the Atlanta metro area, or donate them to a local nonprofit organization that refurbishes computers. If there are no options for recycling or donating in your immediate area, contact a local junk removal specialist who can dispose of your electronics properly.

Tires and Other Hazards

·         Scrap tires are a problem in Georgia because of a history of illegal dumping and the potentially hazardous threats to public and environmental health. Tires must be disposed of at an approved sorting and processing site.

·         Paints, stains, varnishes, solvents, and pesticides are all considered to be hazardous materials. Don’t dispose of these products with your regular trash collection. Some communities in the area have recycling and hazardous materials sites where you can drop them off. If not, contact a company experienced in junk disposal in Atlanta that also handles hazardous materials.