Junk Removal: Tips to Make Moving Easier

Moving is a chore—no one enjoys it, no matter how exciting the prospect of your new home or office site may be. Packing requires intense organization and cleaning skills, and hauling everything off can require excess physical and mental energy from you. Why not let one of the junk removal companies in Atlanta lend a hand?

Before they can, though, you need to decide what to leave behind. The less you take with you to your new home or office, the better. So take a good look at every item in every room. Then ask yourself these 3 questions to decide whether you should take something with you or let a junk hauling company take it with them.

Is This Important?

Only the important items you own should move with you. "Important" in this context can mean:

·         Frequently useful for practical purposes

·         Of emotional or sentimental value

·         Essential to completing certain tasks

·         Able to simplify your daily routine

Can every object before you be considered important to you or your family? If you are moving a commercial property, can it be considered important to you or your colleagues and staff? If the item is important, then it should go with you. If you are unsure, then you may want to leave it to professional junk disposal in Atlanta.

Have I Forgotten This Item?

A good way to determine if something is useful or important to you is to reflect on your initial reaction. Did you realize it was there? Were you surprised to find it? If you are moving residences, was something an old purchase or gift that has gone unnoticed or unused? If you are moving a business, has something gone obsolete? Have you managed to work without it? If you have forgotten about items, then they are likely not useful to you—you have lived without knowledge of them, after all. Why not let professionals take them off your hands?

Does It Spark Joy?

In the groundbreaking and popular novel The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, author Marie Kondo recommends a simple and thorough method for separating important possessions from unnecessary clutter: it involves assessing each item in your home—or each non-essential item in a commercial property—and asking yourself, "Does this spark joy?" In other words, are you holding on to items because you think you enjoy them or because you have simply gotten used to them being there?

Of course, items of practical purpose—such as a Dutch oven—will not spark joy, even if they are useful. In practice, this test is best applied to non-essential possessions. Test your initial reaction to a book, art piece, trinket, decoration, or piece of furniture: Does it make you happy? If not, why not dispose of it?

When you move homes or businesses, nothing could be more wasteful than packing up, moving, and unpacking items that you do not need, that you have forgotten, and that do not spark joy in you. Let a local junk hauling company take these items off your hands—you will end up moving only the essentials into your new property, and nothing could be more satisfying.