How to Choose the Right Debris Removal Service

Because junk removal companies aren’t something most people use or hire every day, finding a reputable organization for your junk removal needs can be tricky. Unfortunately, there are scammers and fly-by-night organizations that work in the industry, so choosing carefully is important. Here is a quick guide to avoid scams and hire the right company for debris removal in Atlanta.

Friend and Family Referrals

It’s always smart to begin a search for any service provider by asking family and friends what companies they recommend. Thanks to social media, this once challenging aspect of searching for a service provider is now much easier. You can also check social media to see what sort of presence a potential company has. You can learn a lot from grateful or angry tweets or Facebook comments on a company’s page.

Assess the Customer Service

As soon as you make contact with a potential junk removal company, take note of how responsive and how helpful the organization’s customer service is. Junk disposal and removal can be an emotional and disruptive experience, so it’s important to find a company that can work with you as you begin the often delicate process of junk disposal.

Consider the Job

People hire junk hauling services for a variety of reasons. Some debris removal companies specialize in things like removing debris in hoarding situations, while other companies specialize in cleaning up construction sites. No matter the job you need accomplished, ensure that any company you choose has experience in the type of job you need done.


While price is important, it probably shouldn’t be the only consideration when you’re looking for a debris removal service. The lowest price may not provide the service you need. For example, some junk removal companies will simply set up a dumpster and remove it once you fill it yourself. Other companies provide staff to assist in removing large items or cleaning. Be certain to ask the companies what services they provide and the difference in cost between services.


Any company you use should be insured to protect its own workers and potential damage to your property. In most cases, the insurance is never used, but for peace of mind, and in case the worst occurs, insurance is a necessity. Check that any company you choose is insured.

Recycling Policy

Some companies simply haul your old belongings or debris to a landfill. If you have items that you know are recyclable or if you’re worried amount the number of items that end up in a landfill, ask potential companies about their recycle policies.