Dumpster Rental vs Junk Removal Service

Do you need to clean out your home for a renovation project? Are you moving and want to get rid of junk fast? Junk removal and hauling in Atlanta offers homeowners and commercial properties many options. Here are some things to consider when trying to decide between renting a dumpster or hiring a junk removal service.


Renting a dumpster is an affordable option for individuals who want to save money and get rid of debris themselves. Dumpsters are typically used for whole-house clean-outs and construction scraps during renovation projects. They are rented by the day, the week, or for longer periods, and the costs include drop off and removal services.

Some people think a dumpster in their driveway is an eyesore. While you can’t argue that this large, rectangular trash receptacle isn’t garish, it gets the job done. It helps homeowners keep large amounts of trash from building up in their garages, while they spread out its removal over the course of several trash days.

Junk Removal Services

Another option is to hire a company for same-day junk removal services in Atlanta. This is a great option when you need removal services done quickly and the job is too big for you to complete that fast. These services will show up at your home or office and remove large items quickly. Depending on the junk removal service hired, they may donate the materials, resell them, or simply transport them to the landfill.

When considering junk removal in Atlanta, make sure you get a quote before agreeing to service. Some companies have strict policies about what is included in the base price of service. If you need extra services or require an additional vehicle, you’re quote should reflect this.

It’s also important to remember that not everything can be disposed of in a dumpster or by the average hauling company. If you have hazardous materials, you may need to make other arrangements. Also, don’t think you can just bury your paint cans, used car batteries, or other restricted items in the bottom of the dumpster. You’ll likely be found out and, subsequently, charged for this mistake.

To learn more about all residential and commercial junk removal services in Atlanta, get in touch with a local company for a quote.