Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Appliance Recycling

When it's time to get rid of an appliance that's no longer serving you, it may be difficult to decide what should happen to it. One thing is certain: Most appliances no longer end up landfills, and that's a good thing. In this article, you'll receive answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about appliance recycling in Atlanta.

Which Appliances Can Be Recycled?

You'd be surprised as to what constitutes a large appliance that can and should be recycled. Of course, this list includes washers, dryers, ovens, hot water heaters, freezers, and air conditioning units. But you'll also find dehumidifiers and microwaves on the list. The trend to recycle appliances is a positive one for the environment. But there is one thing that's even better than recycling: reusing your old appliance. This leads directly to the next question.

Can You Get Cash for Appliances?

If your appliance is still running, then you can probably sell it for cash. It's easy to put a small ad in your local paper or use social media to promote it. Someone is always looking for a cheap appliance, either to save money, to furnish a second home, or to help their child get started with their first household.

If your appliance is no longer working, then it'll be more difficult to get paid for it. If you're buying a newer, more energy-efficient appliance, your utility company may offer you a discount or pay you an incentive. Some utility companies will even pick up old appliances and dispose of them properly. If that doesn't work in your area, you may be able to drop off your appliance at a local recycling area without being charged a disposal fee.

Will Someone Pick Up Your Appliance?

Appliances are usually big, bulky, and heavy. Even if you have a big truck to transport your appliance, it can be difficult to do the heavy lifting required for it. Fortunately, there are different services that will pick up your appliances from your home.

If you schedule an appliance pickup in Atlanta, the removal service may also offer to pick up other stuff you no longer need. This is a good opportunity for you to go through your belongings and reduce some of the junk that has piled up over the years.

Are There Legal Requirements for Appliance Recycling?

In most states, you cannot simply dispose of your appliance. Instead, your state probably requires that your large appliance be recycled properly. In the case of refrigerators and freezers, you're also required to remove refrigerants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the disposal of appliances to ensure that no hazardous materials are released into the environment.