10 Tips to Select the Best Trash Removal Service Provider

Whether you are doing a major home improvement project or simply cleaning up around your home and yard, here are 10 tips to selecting the best trash removal company in Atlanta.

Acceptable Items

First you need to know that the company you choose will in fact take what you want to get rid of. Some companies specialize in various items and others will take anything. If you are throwing away hazardous materials, it is especially important to ensure that the company can legally remove the materials.

Where Is Pickup?

If you are unable to take your items to the curb, some companies will come into your home to remove your unwanted items, so ask about this if you have special circumstances.

Junk Vehicles

Removing junk vehicles is a special service that not all trash removal companies in Atlanta will provide. You may have to find a specialized company that is able to pick up a car that is not towable, due to the size and weight.

Cleanup Services

If you are doing a large renovation project, the pile of trash to be hauled away may leave quite a bit of debris in your yard or driveway. Ensure that the company you choose will sweep the area clean when they are finished to leave your property in acceptable condition.

Price Structure

The junk hauling prices in Atlanta will vary based on what you are having removed and the company you choose. Ensure that the price structure is acceptable before you get too far in the interview process. You should also ask if there are any discounts or coupons available to help mitigate the price.

Payment Options

It is never a good idea to pay the entire amount due up front in cash. Ensure that no matter how you desire to pay, the company will accept your payment choice. If you pay with a credit card, you may have some recourse for an unacceptable job, but a reputable company will be prompt and thorough in their Atlanta junk pickup.

How Will They Remove the Trash?

If you are planning a renovation, you may be able to receive a dumpster at your home ahead of time so that you can minimize the mess made on your property. Other services may come and pick up individual bulky items. Find a company that will remove your unwanted items in a way that works best for your situation.


Find out how far ahead you need to schedule the junk pickup. Some trash removal services in Atlanta may be able to come out more promptly than others, so call around if you have a specific timetable you need to meet.


If you wish to donate items in good condition, some companies can take care of this for you as well.

License and Insurance

A reputable company will be able to provide their license and insurance information for your reference.